Friday, December 24, 2010

Prime Rib Panini

 I’m sitting here at my favorite caffeine place “Old Town Coffee” trying hard to think of what to cook next week. Of course today is Christmas Eve and I spend a good portion of my morning in the kitchen prepping the Prime Rib, making Five Minute Fudge, Biscotti and fixing pot after pot of coffee to keep our house guests (The Grandparents/In-Laws) warm and full of the morning gasoline. The kids are bouncing from wall to wall all the while, playing game after game from the computer to the Wii to the X-box and on to board game after board game. I don’t mind so much because this should be a day of fun and quality time with the Grandparents. While in the Kitchen I pulled the camera out to take a few photos of the morning kitchen creations, but my one and only lenses is not meant for kitchen photography, or better stated, I wasn’t meant for kitchen photography. I was thinking I could take some pictures and just post them with a few captions but atlas, I fail, so I moved on to my cozy little stool and bar counter top with the HUGE windows at Old Town Coffee.

So, what do you think for New Years food items? Chicken Wings and Home made Pizza? Nah! Let’s try something else for a change. Typically every year no matter were we are or who’s home we go too, someone orders massive quantities of Pizza Hut or Domino’s. I’m not a big fan of either but when living in Wyoming, your choices are very limited. I can tell you if I was in Chicago with my Sister and Brother-in-law, it would be Giordano’s ALL THE WAY!! Since I’m not in Chicago (my second favorite city next to San Francisco) I’m going to have to be creative and innovative, because Christmas has left my bank account ravaged.

LEFTOVERS! Everyone has them to some degree. Turkey, Prime Rib, Smoked Hams, Salmon, and possibly shell fish of some kind. I know we do. Last year I made a large pot of Beans with the left over Smoked Ham we had for Christmas. It was kind of a, “that looks kind of good!” So I threw it into the mix. The Wife made some cornbread from scratch and we had that along with the bowls of beans. It was pretty darn tasty.

So this year, with a little luck we will have a little bit of prime Rib left. All I can think is Prime Rib Panini’s with spinach, Swiss cheese, Pesto and whatever else I have left over. My mouth is drooling just typing this. Depending on how many people will attend your New Years Eve Bash or, if your like me and don’t like to stay up till midnight anymore, New Years Day Football extravaganza.

Another item that’s an Applegate table staple, of course, is my Wife’s twice backed potatoes. Often she has some left over and has extra potato skins that she like to turn into Crispy Potato skins with Bacon and Cheddar. They are quite good to go with a Panini. So many ideas so little time or in some cases, leftovers.

I have no idea if our family is typical but, come New Years we are tapped out of both energy and funds, so I imagine we are not alone so here is a recipe that may suite your leftovers and bank accounts.

Prime Rib Panini

4 pieces Sour Dough Rolls
1 teaspoon Olive Oil
4 tablespoons Pesto
1 Tomato, coarsely chopped
20 baby Spinach leaves
12 ounces Swiss cheese, Shredded or
A few thinly slices of Prime Rib

The How Too:

Here is a technique I use for the Rolls. Cut each one in half. You’re going to use the typical inside of the roll as your outsides. Essentially you’re reversing the roll. Reason for this is to get a good toasting on the outside of the Panini and still having the sour doughy chewiness of the crust on the inside of the Sandwich.

On bottom of all bread pieces brush on olive oil.

Spread the pesto (more than 4 Tbs if you like) on of each roll. So the bottoms will have olive oil & the tops will have pesto.
On the pesto side of the bread place spinach leaves. Then on top of spinach place 1/2 of the Swiss cheese.
Layer on the Prime Rib Slices, tomatoes and the other ½ of Swiss cheese.

Grill on Panini grill or George Foreman grill. I have a George Foreman Grill and it works just fine and it’s a lot cheaper than a Panini grill.

If you don't have these, heat grill pan to medium heat. Wash two bricks and cover with foil. Place sandwiches side by side on grill pan. Place foil covered bricks on top. Cook on medium for 4-6 minutes. Turn over and replace bricks. Cook an additional 4-6 minutes until cheese is melted and bread is toasted brown.


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