Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cup O' Joe

Morning cup of Coffee. That first sip. Few words and descriptions can justify the feeling. I don't know about everyone, but I have mine down to what I deem as the best balance. Coffee, Cream, and Sugar to a specific amount of coffee in a specific size coffee cup. If any of that changes, so does the size and measurements to maintain that "perfect balance".

lets start with the coffee. After all, it is the base of your delight. Coffee isn't cheap, but if you buy cheap coffee, you get the same result. So, rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a coffee snob and we tend to try and buy coffee that's on sale. We try to stear clear of the common Coffee's that we jokingly refer to as "Smokers Coffee" i.e Folgers, Maxwell House etc. Since Starbucks is readily in most stores we shoot for that as our coffee of choice when on sale. I have liked Starbucks for some years and of all the hundred of roasts I have tried, I enjoy "Caffe Verona" as and overall choice.
So with that choice in mind, just a choice of Mug is next. I prefer a large mug but my mug of choice are the Starbucks City mugs that I collect. They are About 18 - 20 fluid oz. I like it to be Porcelain, which is pretty standard, since Porcelain holds heat fairly well. I also like it to have an over sized handle. nothing is more annoying than those little finger hole handles that you sometimes get your finger stuck in or snagged when setting down your cup, then spilling you coffee . That just ruins the moment!

Now creamer. I hate to admit this but I like the original powdered creamer by "Coffee Mate". This is mainly because, as a kid this is what my Dad always used and it has just always been a staple for me plain and simple. Now, as for those foo foo flavored coffee creamers that seem so popular. I say, "Nooooooo!" I compare those to the milk left over from a bowl of over sugared cereal my children eat. I think that coffee was never meant to taste like a Cinnamon stick, Chocolate bar, or a candied Nut!

Sugar. This should always complement, never overpower, your coffee. NEVER EVER use Substitute sugars. You might as well just lick a cactus if you plan to use those, in my humble opinion. Shoot for your sugar of choice. Like Salt, Sugar is meant to be used as and enhancer, not a flavor for your coffee. My sugar of choice is Hawaiian Pure Cain.

So in conclusion here is my recipe that I use every morning:

Porcelain Coffee cup (18 - 20 Fluid oz.)
Brewed Coffee of choice
1 TB Sugar
3 TB Creamer
Stir and enjoy!


LisaRx said...

I was totally with you --all the way up to the....COFFEE-MATE???!!! Gack! Half-n-half or table cream or not!at!all! Great blog :)--

Lisa Reichert (coffee fiend)

LS said...

Great blog! I may just be inspired to try scallops for the first time!