Saturday, July 10, 2010

Simple Rib Dinner

There are many things I could do in the kitchen to jazz a dinner up to make it haute cuisine. But seriously, I have 2 small children that dig hot dogs and dads famous chip sandwiches with root beer. So, I found a simple "in between" dinner that severs both the kiddies yearning for yummieness and my wife's and mine yearning from something a bit more complicated than Mac N' Cheese.

It starts in the backyard in our Veggie and Herb gardens. this year we decided to grow LOTS of lettuce, Spinach, and Arugula. Together in a salad they come combine nicely. I would suggest not to overkill with the Arugula, because they can be bitter and overwhelming. the following is the general amounts I recommend when making the salad.

1 part lettuce
1 part spinach
1/4 part Arugula

Vola!!! Home Grown Salad!

Now, I would like to admit i cook my ribs from scratch but i don't. the Kids and us love Lloyd BBQ Ribs that we get from our local store. They are good and simple to cook. The kids eat them up and leave the hot dogs on the plate. These ribs are pre-cooked and packages with there own BBQ sauce. The meat just falls of the bone and if your carefull not to overcook them as you bring them up to temperature, the meat stay wonderfully moist.

Here are a few pictures after I have pulled them off the grill and then cut them up for the kids.

and of course no dinner would be complete without some fresh corn on the cob

So, as you can see, simple. The kids love this meal and it give Mom and Dad a break from the kid foods the sometimes dominate the kitchen table at our house.

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karenk said...

yum! I'll give Lloyd's a try.