Monday, September 6, 2010

Swedish Cream

Absolutely delightful!  That's what your taste buds will say when they taste this dessert.  My very 1st experience having Swedish Cream was at a Local restaurant called The Hitching Rack .  I think I may have been 18 at the time, but I went with my Mom for my birthday dinner.  We both ordered dessert and Mom ordered the Swedish Cream and I ordered something else, but I recall trying my Mom's and was hooked.  I never asked for the recipe but over time I experimented to recreate the dessert and add my own little style and after a few dozen attempts I hit pay dirt.

I think you will find this easy to make.  Also, with some care and creativity you can turn this dessert into a eligant dessert that will impress your guests and family.

Swedish Cream


1 cup sugar
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
2 cups heavy cream or half & half
2 cups sour cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean

In a medium sized saucepan Cuisinart MCP19-16 Multiclad Pro Stainless 1-1/2-Quart Saucepan with Coveron medium heat pour in the cream and bring mixture to a simmer *do not bring to a boil or dessert will be ruined*

While heating the cream stirring in sugar and gelatin constantly stirring until gelatin is dissolved.

Once you reach a simmer and the gelatin is dissolved, stir in sour cream with a wire whisk a little at a time.  The temp will drop each time you add the sour cream and you don't want your gelatin to start to congeal until your finish adding the whole amount.  Once the sour cream has Incorporated, you will want to remove from the heat and pour into whatever you have picked to serve in.

This is the point you can get super fancy.  I recommend pouring the cream into wine glasses or goblets.  (steer clear of crystal wine glasses unless your really doing a fine dinning experience) 

Place in the refrigerator over night or at minimum 6 hours to insure the gelatin has set.

When ready to serve, Garnish with whatever berries are in season, or toasted Almonds.

§~Johns~§ Swedish Cream Entry
This past Holiday weekend my Wife, Kid's and I, attended a family retreat in out local mountains.  Among many activities, there was a Dessert contest.  Of course, I took part in this.  I prepared this very recipe.  The only difference in this one (the photo to your left) is the blueberrys I placed on the bottom of the dish before adding the cream and the toasted Almonds I used as a topping.  The garnish is Mint from my herb garden and a flower from Amy's flower Garden. The results were good.  I wont tell you if I won or not.  I will say however, the dessert was enjoyed and people had smiles on there faces.  

In closing, if your making this dessert for some comfort food, or maybe to impress your family and friends with something tantalizing, I urge you to enjoy yourself.  I urge you to be in the moment when you prepare, make, present, and eat this wonderful dessert.


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