Friday, June 10, 2011

Chicago, My Second Favorite City

Chicago, IL
Trotter's To Go
Giordano’s Pizza

As my vacation time draws to a close here in Chicago, I’m beginning to reflect on many of the sights, sounds, and tasting experiences. I have had the opportunity to sample some of the Windy Cities finest. When I write “finest” I’m also not meaning there “known finest.” I’m not talking about those places that you will see on the Food channel or the Cook network, nor will you read about them in the food review of the Chicago tribune or a blurb in Bon Appétit. Though, there was a few I had to stop in and try out, like Trotters To Go, Giordano’s Pizza to name a few, but there were also a few that have a soft spot in my hart like, Lucky Dog and Oberweis Ice Cream. I have also discovered a few new places that I will most definitely add to my “I Will Return” list, like Smokin’ Will’s Restaurant, Sur La Table, and Floriole Bakery.
Lucky Dog

I’m half sad that I’m leaving Chicago tomorrow mostly because I enjoy the time with my family whom I don’t get to spend time with as much as I would like, but also because the fresh food and available ingredients that are everywhere.
Oberweis Ice Cream

Sur La Table

So after 1200 miles of driving and children in the back seat asking “Are we there yet?” were beginning the sad journey back to our glorious Wyoming 8 days later. Even though I will miss this great city of Chicago, I yearn for our humble and quite digs and the background of the Wind River Mountains above our sleepy little town.

Floriole Bakery
In the upcoming months I will share my experiences with you and also some of the ingredients that I was lucky to obtain. I will tease you with some items that you can duplicate at home but still be sophisticated if the mood strikes. So until then, Cheers!!


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