Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kobe Beef Steak and Main Lobster Tails

42 years ago and 9ish months (September 1968), a 16 year old Surfer girl and boy went to go see Planet of the Apes at a drive-in after a day of Surfing in the California Sun. May 3rd 1969 along came me! Go figure! That’s pretty much all I know about my real birth parents. Would have loved to know more but California Law’s and culture at those times didn’t allow for a lot of information exchange as is the case now days. 42 years later I wonder how I’m half way across the country living in a very remote state, happily married for 13 years and rising 2 children, already retired from one profession and working on my second. Life has taken so many strange and unexpected directions.

Now, I don’t typically celebrate my Birthdays anymore, mainly because it lost some appeal for me when I lost both my Mother and Father. I mean really, it Mom’s and Dad’s that make that day special. So, now it’s more of an opportunity for me to justify buying something I normally would not. My wife also thought it would not be right if I also didn’t add the fact that I milk it for 3 months prior to my Birthday for gifts (That’s her story but I don’t think it would hold water in court). I am blessed to have great people in my life, two of which gave us for Christmas this year some gift cards from an outfit called Lobster Gram. So with Gift cards in hand I sought out the Lobster Gram web site to place a Birthday dinner order.

I won’t go into a lot of needless detail about the website, but I really think I couldn’t do it justice with its wide range of selections. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. After about an hour of back and forth I settle for the following items; Main Lobster tails 6-7 oz., Kobe Beef steaks, and a 1Lb. of Shrimp.

And here my friends is the results of one of the best meals I have had in maybe two years!!

Kobe Beef steak
*Look at that fat marbling*

6-7oz Main Lobster Tails

Tail in Hand
The steaks are just simply seasoned with Kosher Salt and Black pepper.  I wanted to experience the flavor of these items in there natural state.  The Lobster was not seasoned at all.
I allowed the steaks to to rest with the seasoning for about 20 minutes all the while I prepped the Lobster and the Shrimp.

Just in case you were scared I blew my diet (laugh) the cocktail Sauce was Fat FREE!
And off to the grill we went

FYI Children don't give a rip about Lobster or Steak.  Even if the things were coated in chocolate and peanut butter they would still want hot dogs, so they got Hot Dogs and Mom and I ate like Lotto winners! 
Getting close to Dinner time, colors looking good!

Off the Grill and Heading back into the house to serve up Dinner.

Dinner table set and gearing up for quality family time.  Part of a Great dinner experience is spending those moments with family and friends.
Perfection in its simplest form.
I just don't think it gets much better.
And at the end of the meal all my children were concerned with is if they could have the shell to play with.  I figured since all they wanted was Hot Dogs at lest they could play with the bloody things!  
Last few bites and I wish it would have lasted forever.


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Lobster Gram Recipe Blog said...

We here at Lobster Gram LOVE hearing about how much people enjoy our products! Happy Belated Birthday, and Happy Mother's Day! We look forward to providing you with another outstanding meal soon!

-Nikki and the Lobster Gram Crew